'Be More Vader,' Guide to the Dark Side

  Last week, we shared with our readers news of a new book that introduces readers to the wisdom of Jedi enlightenment, following advice from the one and only Yoda, in Be More YodaNow we're excited to share news from the official Star Wars website of a new book that guides readers through the power of the Dark Side of the Force, Be More Vader

  Also authored by Christian Blauvelt and published by DK, Be More Vader will help attune readers to a different point of view from that of the path of the Jedi: a Sith Lord. Yes, Darth Vader was technically a villain, but his success and importance to the Galactic Empire is undeniable, and this book will show readers the way to achieve such success and importance. 

  Kick off your journey to the Dark Side by checking out the book's cover, along with 5 StarWars.com exclusive tips from the author!

Screenshot 2018-06-30 10.54.30.png
  1. Find a Mentor: "You need to learn the ropes of your field from someone with more experience, whether that’s through an internship or by becoming an apprentice to a galactic emperor."
  2. Don't Bring Problems, Bring Solutions: "If rebel fighters are swarming around your Death Star, you just don’t delegate and order your minions into battle. You hop in the cockpit of a TIE yourself and take charge."
  3. Present with Confidence: "If someone starts insulting you in front of colleagues, make it very clear you will not tolerate such disrespect. Position yourself and your projects so that no one can challenge your expertise and mastery."
  4. Refine Your Negotiation Skills: "Start from a position of strength — preferably show up with a Star Destroyer and a squad of stormtroopers — and then proceed from there. But don’t ask for everything at once."
  5. Make Your Expectations Clear: "You’ve got quotas to meet, budgets to balance — it’s important that you’re not doing it all on your own. Make sure you surround yourself with a competent team, then push them if you think they’re not living up to their potential."

  Be More Vader is available August 2nd.

Article By: Mohammad "Grand Master" Ziad