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Vader Dark Visions #1 (Comic Review)

Vader Dark Visions #1 (Comic Review)

In Marvel's newest Star Wars comic series from writer Dennis Hopeless that tells us different tales of Darth Vader's exploits from different points of view.

Star Wars: Vader - Dark Visions #1

This tale takes us to a back water world that has know knowledge of the Empire and Rebel Alliance and the galactic events at large. The village on this planet go through cycles of being able to stay on the surface and hiding underground because of a Kaiju style creature called the Ender.

A young boy watches the “Space God's” clash above him in the sky as he enjoys his final days on the the surface before he and his people need to retreat when the Ender awakens. The clashing Space Gods are merely a naval battle between the Empire and Rebels. Vader's TIE Fighter sustains significant damage as he crash lands on the planet beneath him.

Unfortunately for all parties involved, Vader's craft crash lands right on top of the Ender and wakes it from its slumber. Meanwhile the young native watches in awe as Vader takes on the Ender.

“The Black Knight” begins to thrash the mighty beast with his “flaming sword” and his Force abilities. The young boy watching is in awe of the melee and begins to believe he has been divinely chosen as the one to tell this great tale.

Eventually the Dark Lord of the Sith proves victorious and kills the Ender. The beast collapses at the feet of the young boy as Vader emerges from the colossal remains. The boy thanks Vader and Vader rejects his thanks and it is implied that the boy may follow in the Ender's foot steps but the boy is saved as a recovery party arrives to extract Vader. The boy returns to his village as they celebrate the fall of the Ender and he tells his friends and family of the brave Black Knight and his flaming magical sword.

To most Darth Vader is one of the most terrifying sinister men to walk to galaxy but from a certain point of view, this village's for example, he is a savior sent from on high. There is a very funny irony to the scene painted in this comic. We understand the mechanics and nature of Vader and his abilities. We see a Sith Lord, vicious and hateful, they see a glorious savior from Providence. The art in this book is incredible and only adds to Vader's perceived majesty. I cannot wait to see what comes next in this mini-series. I give issue one of Vader: Dark Visions a 5/5.

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