New Horror Coming To Netflix In April

With the coming of the long awaited 2nd season of “chilling adventures of Sabrina” and the new Netflix original zombie series “Black Summer” There are more than a few horror movies coming to Netflix in April. Sure to make any horror fan salivate.

Tribute To John Carl Buechler (1952-2019)

It is with great sadness that we here at the Dewback Discussion Network must report on the passing of the legendary John Carl Buechler. Mr. Buechler was well known in the horror industry for his work as a writer, producer, director, and visual effects artist.

The Philosophy Of The Mandalorians & Its Fluctuation In Canon

The philosophy of the Mandalorians is one that has changed throughout galactic history, starting before the Old Republic, where the Mandalorians were reputed as feared mercenaries and bounty hunters. During the Old Republic, the Mandalorian way was one of expansion. The main expansionary period was aptly named the Mandalorian Crusades, presumably started 7000 BBY…

Jason Lives Again! The Vengeance Crew Interviews

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting some of the crew of the upcoming film Friday the 13th Vengeance. Before I talk about the interview I'd like to tell you a short story from Saturday. So I was sitting at the CJ Graham Q&A with my girlfriend listening to one of my favorite Jasons speak, he answered my question and shortly after pointed behind me and said that was Steve Dash’s grandson and daughter sitting behind me…

Titans - Season 1 Episode 4 (Review)

The opening to this episode features a sick Beast Boy somewhere in the congo, before a mysterious doctor in a hazmat suit appears and gives him an injection, turning his skin green. Although in the comics and original animated series Beast Boy could transform into any animal he wanted, in this show he only knows how to turn into a tiger so far.