Star Wars Theory Wraps Production On First Episode Of Massive Fan Series

Star Wars Theory is one of the biggest YouTubers who cover our beloved far far away galaxy. His lore videos have given many a deeper look into the galaxy’s massive lore and his epic and high stakes fan fictions have become a staple of his channel. SWT has now taken fanfiction to an unprecedented level; an over $100,000 production of a Darth Vader fan series.

SWT has pulled out all the stops. Original score, professional props, concept art, make up artists, set builds, and enlisting the finest of the 501st Legion including the Instagram cosplayer darthhater23 as the dark lord himself.

The story follows Vader trying to come to terms with his life as it is. A Sith, a self imposed widower, living trapped in his armor prison. Vader begins to consider turning against the Emperor as he learns that Mace Windu is assembling a Jedi rebellion on Naboo. The premise itself is very exciting. However SWT’s behind the scenes posts and hype has created a level of excitement parallel to an actual theatrical Star Wars release.

At the time of writing this the first episode is slated to release in December of 2018. If you're not yet a part of Star Wars Theory’s subscriber base, join now and prepare for his series that is sure to change the landscape of the fandom forever.

Article by: Jarod “Dark Jedi” Baughman-Stubbs