What’s Left For Episode IX??? (Opinion Piece)

The Last Jedi ended a lot of story-arcs that the Force Awakens set up. Snoke died, Luke died, the rebellion is reduced to a crew that actually fit inside the Millennium Falcon, and Rey has discovered her parentage that left nothing to explore. And Carrie Fisher has passed away, and they are not going to do her injustice with another actress or CGI.
So what exactly is Episode 9 going to be about? Knights of Ren. Rey beating or redeeming Kylo. The resistance beating the New Order (David vs Goliath-style?). Finn sueing Rose for sexual harassment? None of the arcs are very appealing at this moment.

I don't want to see the next movie. There is nothing in the story left to tell that has me interested. In two movies Disney has failed to make me feel attached to any of the characters, because they didn't develop any of them properly. Well, maybe Finn, but Rose killed my excitement for him.
Rey can do anything and everything the first time she tries. She can fly the Falcon, fight with lightsabers and throw dozens of boulders around. And because she shouldn't be this good, it diminishes Kylo Ren as villain. It shows us he is not to be feared, because Rey can't fail at anything. And even if Rey would fail, broomboy could step up and have a decent chance of defeating him.
The only mildly interesting thing they could do with Rey and Kylo, is have Kylo kill her or seduce her to the Dark Side. But because we would never see that duo reigning the galaxy (since Daisy Ridley is not interested in doing more Star Wars movies after IX) it would be a dead end. So killing her off would be the best course of action.


Which brings me to the Knights of Ren. If they truly want to redeem the Star Wars franchise, they need to end the trilogy in the Dark Side's favor. Knights of Ren will have to assume control of the First Order, the New Republic; the whole known galaxy. Anything less will diminish Star Wars credibility even further at this point.
Rey having trained a dozen padawans in between the movies, that successfully kill all the Knights of Ren? Unbelievable. Uninspired. There is absolutely no way that any self-respecting Star Wars fan can accept that as a good story. Not because of Rey's character, but because it's going to ruin 4 years of anticipation on the KoR. They still have to be explained, we still have to start to feel intimidated by them, or feel anything for them in fact, that them getting defeated by a bunch of Jedi noobs in the next film is going to be a bad ending.

Giant superweapons are out of the question. Not because we've seen two Death Stars and Starkiller base, but because there is a very simple solution available: have a single pilot who's willing to sacrifice him/herself crash a ship into it. Any superweapon from now that is not defeated like that (or equally easy), is losing credibility for the movie. But everytime the solution is being used, it will be a rehash of the Last Jedi. Using that move gave us a stunning moment in the theater. It was truly breathtaking. But ultimately it showed the Ace in the hand that will always be there to be played.

Killing Luke was a terrible decision. I'm not saying that because I didn't want him to die. I'm actually fine with him dying. It's bad because it severely limits the options for the next film. The rebellion has no assets. Rey can't carry them to victory. So there really is only one way this story should go: have the First Order be victorious.

Article by: Joel “Mith” Storms