Jabba The Hutt Set To Appear In Solo

   In recent Star Wars news, it has been confirmed that Jabba The Hutt, will be in the new Solo film! This has been speculated for sometime by many fans, as Jabba was Han Solo’s boss. Now many fans are wondering if we will see jobs that Han Solo does for Jabba, and if we will see the job where Han drops the cargo shipment he was supposed to deliver at the sight of an Imperial Star Destroyer.
   Most likely we will see this scene happen near the end of the film, or in a comic book, because it has been confirmed that we will see the Kessel Run, done in of course 12 parsecs. There has also been speculation that there will be the appearance of the Hutt Council, or even Gardulla The Hutt. This can easily happen as we know that Gardulla and Jabba are rivals, so Jabba might sign Han up for a job to steal something from Gardulla or the Hutt Council.
   Other Theories speculate that we will see Boba Fett in the Solo film. This can also tie in with Jabba as we know Boba Fett is his best bounty hunter. This can also start the rivalry between Boba Fett and Solo, as like I said, Boba is Jabba’s best bounty hunter, and Han is his best smuggler.

Article by: Logan “The Rogue” LaVaque