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The Last Jedi Deleted Scenes Review

The Last Jedi Deleted Scenes Review

Alternate opening:
The only thing about this opening I like, is the transition from planet to bacta-pod. The rest is just too slow-paced for the opening sequence.

Paige's gun jams:
It's not bad, but with the rest of the stuff happening with her bomber, it would have dragged it down a little. Honestly I'd have preferred it over the remote falling, because I felt that didn't really work as well. They made it too over the top, and at the end you see it falling clearly out of her range, but then she grabs it.

Luke has a moment:
Luke mourning Han was absolutely necessary. It's emotionally very powerful and it was a moment everyone would have felt connected to him and Leia. This is how Han should have been paid respect, due to the lack of a funeral.

Poe: Not much of a sewer:
It's a nice moment between the two friends. I see why it was cut because of pacing though.


It's kind of weird that you recorded that:
It's not a great scene. Rey having had that moment with Finn was, and him finding that out is ok, but it doesn't help the film much.

The caretaker sizing up Rey:
Just a weird moment, in an already weird sequence of the film. We would have just seen Kylo Ren half-naked, and we wouldn't need this after that.

Caretaker village sequence:
This should have been in the movie. It's a great scene that explains Luke a lot better, and has Rey learning a lesson, which there are too few of. The music was out of place though. Disney doesn't understand that in a galaxy far far away, music doesn't sound like on earth, Bagpipes have a very distinct Scottish sound.

Rose bites the hand that taunts her:
If Hux's line hadn't involved the word bite, it would have been better. He's just giving her a freebee, and that's stupid.

Phasma squeeled like a whoop hog:
I like the idea better than the replacement in the movie, but the delivery needed work. A couple reshoots, maybe a little tweaking of the dialogue, but most importantly some editing changes would have made this a very powerful scene.
Phasma's death here was terribly edited. I've seen some comments that blasters don't work on her, but he shoots her with a cannon, so I can believe that works.
Rose's "So, where are we going?" is a stupid question, that should have been cut. The idea that running away crossed her mind was extremely bad character development.

Rey and Chewie in the Falcon:
Didn't add much, so I'm fine with it not making the movie.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms

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