Some Do's & Don't's Of Playing Heroes vs. Villains

Don’t spam the attack button: strike once at a time. If someone dodges your attack you’ll wind up slashing at the air and look like a noob.

Don’t forget to block: if an opponent makes the mistake of striking you while you’re blocking, quickly strike them back in a counterattack.

Don’t use a force attack on a blocking opponent.

Don't forget to regroup with your teammates. Taking a team on by yourself is suicide, and your target needs protection.

Don’t run off half-cocked: if you get double-teamed you’re as good as dead, and you’ll leave your team a man down

Don’t keep making the same mistakes: this is a general rule in Battlefront. If a particular opponent keeps killing you, don’t run off in their direction alone; don’t run into a group alone, you will probably be killed.

Don’t spam the dodge button (it won’t work and you’ll get slaughtered). Time your dodges and counterattacks right before they strike: you’ll open up space if you dodge/roll away in the right direction and let you get a few hits in.

Use your abilities with purpose and strategically, not sporadically: there’s no point in using Maul’s Force Choke or Luke’s Force Push if you and your team are chasing a player down.

Article by: Mohammad “Grand Master” Abou-Ghazala