Why Dave Filoni Should Be Put In Charge

Since Disney took over Lucasfilm, and Kathleen Kennedy has been put in charge, Star Wars has been taken in a new direction.
George Lucas had some ideas for episodes 7, 8 and 9; not a worked out story, but a general outline. He approached both trilogies in that manner before he started to work on them. When Kennedy took over, he gave her those ideas, and she completely dismissed them. That wasn't necessarily a bad move on itself, but she made nothing in their place.
The new films are being made without any outline at all, giving directors free reign for their own movies. During production of the Force Awakens, Kennedy should have realized that the sequel was too similar to A New Hope. I understand the pressure and insecurity Abrams felt in creating the movie, but it was Kennedy's task as Creative head of the studio to guide him.
Then during Rogue One she disliked a lot of what was done, and ordered Gareth Edwards to work with Tony Gilroy on reshoots and a new edit. This shows her capabilities as executive producer, but also her lacking as head of creative. She had no oversight, no overbearing vision when it came to the stories that she authorized.
Then with the Last Jedi, that lack of vision becomes abundantly clear as she gives Rian Johnson full control of the story. JJ Abrams had some ideas for the sequels, and he set things up in such a way that there was some freedom to take them in other directions than his.
But Rian Johnson ignored it all, and focused on not simply different paths, but full stops on all of them. We see this with Rey's parents, Luke's refusal to train Rey, and Snoke. It all takes the momentum out of the trilogy and leaves a lot of fans unsatisfied.

Dave Filoni

Dave Filoni

Colin Trevorrow was supposed to make the last movie in the trilogy, but even before production she reportedly pushes him out the door because he was bad to work with. Not for his artistic vision, but for his personality.
And finally the Solo spin-off. She hires Lord and Miller, who have done various well-received comedies. But when they turn the story into a comedy with lots of improvisation, like they are used to, she shuts them down because it is not the story she (and admittedly; anyone) wants. Again, good executive decision correcting bad creative oversight.
When it comes to the production of these films, Kathleen Kennedy shows she can make the right decisions, but only after failing in the creative part of her job.  

Let's take a look at Dave Filoni, who did the animated movie and series. The Clone Wars movie wasn't great and the series didn't start that great, but under Lucas' guidance it got amazing. The later seasons gave us some awesome tales and inspiring characters. He also shows a deep understanding of the expanded universe, by bringing a lot of elements from Legends to life.
Then he delivered Rebels, again with some amazing narrative. Both series prove that he can tell complicated and convincing tales. Male and female, human and aliens; everyone plays their part in good stories instead of empty shells being forced in for toy-sales and social equality. This is a man who matches George Lucas in creative vision and story-telling.
Star Wars needs this creative vision, a general outline of the stories they want to tell, and have everything fall in place together. This is how Kevin Feige constructed the incredibly successful Marvel franchise. This is what Dave Filoni should do with Star Wars.

Article by: Joel “Mith” Storms