Meryl Streep The New Princess??

According to a recent article by CNET, there is an online petition proposing to cast Meryl Streep as our beloved princess. Don’t worry… it is after all just a petition. It has accrued 7,900 supporters, but online petitions DO NOT have a say in what the film makers decide.

               After Fisher had died at the age of 60, back in December of 2016, it caused a major set back for the ninth film. Leia, was supposed to have a major role in the film, but due to her death it is unknown if the film will continue on as it was originally planned or if any re-writes were established. The filmmakers already stated they won’t perform CGI material for the General of the Resistance. This small group of fans are only looking for the easy way out by recasting Leia with Streep.

               I’m sure all the true fans support keeping Carrie Fisher as Leia. Even though she passed away abruptly. We would all agree it would be an insult to Carrie’s memory to even consider casting anyone else as our princess. Rest in Peace, Carrie, and may the force always be with you.

Article by: Tim “Gold Leader” Keegan