Dream of the Old Republic

  Even before Disney has taken over Star Wars, I've been dreaming about an Old Republic saga. And with the recent movies I only want it more.  So in this article I will give you my view on what they should do, and how they should do it.

  Firstly, they should take a long, hard look at the MCU. The 19 movies so far has made an incredible impact on the world, and have left most fans of the comics very pleased with the cinematic adaptations of their favorite heroes. There is even talk about Marvel having replaced Star Wars in terms of popularity, and toy sales would very much concur. For a successful Old Republic saga, I think they should copy that formula to show us the Sith War. There are a great many characters in Legends ready to be put on the silver screen, each with their own stories to tell. But a lot of the Old Republic stories mainly focused on Sith.

  That's not necessarily a problem. They could introduce us to lesser known or even new Jedi, Ulic Qel-Droma, Juhani, and Bastilla are a couple characters who come to mind. Give them their own origin movies, and with a main group of up to ten Jedi they could work towards a similar movie like Infinity War. Padawans becoming Jedi, story threads that take up to a decade to unfold, going from one historic battle to the next, all ending up in one final showdown. They could have those established Sith be the villains without telling it from their perspective. After all, Disney will want to keep it PG for all ages, because that's Disney's target audience. 

  Or do they? We've already seen one Deadpool movie, and another comes out in less than a month. Disney has shown that they are willing to make PG-16 movies, and that if they're done right they are immensely popular. So one or two Sith movies, really showing what they are all about, might not be completely out of the question. And yes, I realize that's a long shot. I know that we will not get the dark, graphic Sith movie a lot of us really want. They will not get an evil protagonist. But a movie about Darth Revan could work, because he is redeemed in the end.

  Honestly even without a PG-16 addition this is already a gold mine. My dream is shared by many. The MCU is loved by even more. All Disney has to do is put someone like Kevin Feige in charge of Star Wars, and make this dream come true. 

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms