Lando Calrissian; Pansexual Virtue Signaling (Opinion Piece)

  Last week one of the writers for Solo: a Star Wars story, Jonathan Kasdan, told an interviewer that Lando is pansexual. The ladies men, the Manly Man from Empire Strikes Back is apparently going through a phase in the movie set 10-12 years before A New Hope. And this rises a lot of questions, and outrage, in a big part of the fandom.

  What is pansexuality? It's seeing through the exterior of a person and be able to fall in love with them regardless of their gender. It's really bisexuality specifically including people with deluded mental disorders. Why is he suddenly pansexual?  "I think it’s time, certainly, for that, and I love the fluidity ― sort of the spectrum of sexuality that Donald appeals to and that droids are a part of,” Jonathan Casdan. Droids? He's having sex with droids? Is that the kind of stuff Disney wants to promote to our children? Star Wars is not about sex. It is not about who is male, female, black, white, Twi'lek, droid, gay or straight. It's about what these people do, about their actions. What motivates a character, their purpose, their choices. And it doesn't look like Lando's motivations leave a lot of room for his pansexuality to become an integral part of the story, much less his purpose. 

  Are people who are outraged by this racist bigots? There might be a small fraction like that, but the vast majority isn't. We want well written characters in awesome stories. We want our heroes to be defined by their actions, and we want these actions to matter. And sexuality doesn't matter in Star Wars. We don't want a respected hero to be transformed into a pervert. And a lot of people like me feel Disney is going out of their way to transform our beloved characters into empty shells of their former past. Han failed as a parent and abandoned his family and Luke became "certifiably insane" (Mark Hamill) and a complete failure as a teacher and Jedi.

   But Deadpool is pansexual, is that also a problem? No, Deadpool's sexuality is an integral part of his character. Deadpool takes the piss at anything and anyone, sometimes in a sexual or flirtatious way. It's not forced in to be able to say; "look at the equality in our story." And that's exactly what Disney is doing. Take a look at what Rian Johnson said: "We need some directors who aren't white men. And Kathleen Kennedy knows it too. It just has to happen. I mean come on." But he is not giving up his director's seat.

  It's nothing more than a PR stunt to appease SJW bloggers, tweeters, youtubers and "journalists." Yes, quote unquote; real journalists don't care about people's sexuality, race or gender, yet that's all these Social Justice Warriors are interested in. Disney tries to appease them and that's a problem because all the energy spent on these matters is not spent on the stories. And that shows.

Article by: Joel “Mith” Storms