The Verdict Is In: Harrison Ford's Opinion on Solo

    Solo: A Star Wars Story premiers in only a few days, and fans are as anxious as ever to see it. With new TV spots and commercials being released, and the tumultuous build up to the creation of the movie (Ron Howard was hired as a replacement after the original directors were let go by Disney), it seems like a good time as any to reassure fans with what the legendary Harrison Ford thinks of the new movie.

  Harrison Ford, the original Han Solo from the 1977 A New Hope through to Episode XII: The Force Awakens, reportedly "adores" the film. In an interview with Variety, director Ron Howard says that he "had never heard Harrison effusive about anything, and he was raving about it."

  This may come as a sight of relief for those who were worried that Alden Ehrenreich's portrayal of a youthful incarnation of Han Solo, the beloved smuggler from a galaxy far, far away, wouldn't live up to the measure we would hope for. 

Article by: Mohammad "Grand Master" Ziad