Solo Composer John Powell Reveals Tracklist

Though vague enough so as not to reveal any potential spoilers, the track list revealed on the Solo: A Star Wars Story composer John Powell's Facebook page gives fans a general idea of the outline of the sequences already revealed in trailers and such.

Screenshot 2018-05-08 17.00.11.png
  1. The Adventures of Han (music composed and conducted by John Williams)
  2. Meet Han
  3. Corellia Chase
  4. Spaceport
  5. Flying With Chewie
  6. Train Heist
  7. Marauders Arrive
  8. Chicken in the Pot
  9. Is This Seat Taken?
  10. L3 & Millennium Falcon
  11. Lando’s Closet
  12. Mine Mission
  13. Break Out
  14. The Good Guy
  15. Reminiscence Therapy
  16. Into the Maw
  17. Savareen Stand-off
  18. Good Thing You Were Listening
  19. Testing Allegiance
  20. Dice & Roll

With the premier of the movie only 16 days away, fans can pre-order the soundtrack album now, with its official release coinciding with the premier of the movie on May 25th.

Article by: Mohammad "Grand Master" Ziad