In May 2016 Respawn Entertainment announced they were in the early stages of development of an untitled Star Wars game. Last weekend at E3, CEO Vince Zampella was spotted in the crowd at the EA presentation and he stated: "The Star Wars game is Jedi: Fallen Order," and he followed with a wink and a smile: "So that kinda gives you the idea that you'll be playing a Jedi." 

  To the question if he could tell us anything else he responded: "It takes place during the dark times... When the Jedi are being hunted. It's gonna be spectacular." And although this period wasn't the best time to show off your lightsaber skills, he confirmed players will wield one.

  This sounds like the combat style is similar to the Force Unleashed and Jedi Academy. It's very little information, but our interest is peaked. Respawn also made the incredibly well-received Titanfall so we know they have no shortage in talent or passion. Jedi: Fallen Order is scheduled to release around the 2019 holidays.

Article by: Joel “Mith” Storms