Star Wars Producer Ram Bergman Talks About Rian Johnson's Trilogy

  Ram Bergman, the producer that helped bring us The Last Jedi, recently sat down with From the Grapevine and talked about his personal experience with the Star Wars, from his childhood to his career, and even talked a bit about the new trilogy which will be produced by him and directed by Rian Johnson.

It’s a completely new trilogy that writer-director Rian Johnson, my partner, is going to create. It’s all new characters. Everything is new.
— Ram Bergman


  They still don't know when the new trilogy will be released. In his opinion, Star Wars will only continue to grow because kids "can't get enough" of it. And apparently, he had originally wanted to play soccer and only relatively belatedly pursued a career in movies. When asked who his favorite character is, he answered definitively with "Luke Skywalker." 

It’s a dream. I’m having the best time in my life. I’m working with the best people, Rian Johnson and all the people at Disney and Lucasfilm. It’s all about the work.
— Ram Bergman

Article by: Mohammad “Grand Master” Ziad