The Sci-Fi Valley Con Experience

  Altoona, Pennsylvania was taken deep into a science fiction world on June 8th-10th at the Blair County Convention Center. As a dedicated journalist I went deep undercover as a Star Wars fan with a family. Many pictures were taken and many vendors were visited. I may be a Star Wars fan at heart but there was a massive variety of other science fiction vendors present that I had to visit.

  Actors Jim Beaver and Steven Williams of Supernatural were present along with the famous ’67 Chevy Impala.

  Voice actor Rob Paulsen, famous for portraying Pinky in Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs as Yakko Warner.

  Actor Lee Arenberg, best known for Pintel in Pirates of the Caribbean and Grumpy in Once Upon A Time.

  For all you Invader Zim fans, Richard Horvitz “Zim”, Rikki Simons “Gir”, and Melissa Fahn “Gaz” also made appearances.

  Unfortunately, the only celebrity guest with ties to our beloved Star Wars universe had to cancel last minute. Olivia D’abo, best known for her voice acting in Star Wars Clone Wars as Jedi Master Luminara, was unable to attend.

Tim "Gold Leader" Keegan and Family

Tim "Gold Leader" Keegan and Family

  There weren’t many Star Wars booths, but there were a lot of vendors that had Star Wars art and collectibles. I did get to meet members of the CMAA Saber School. They are a martial arts program specializing in the arts of a lightsaber.

  It is my hopes that Dewback Discussion Network will be able to have a booth of our own next year at Sci-Fi Valley Con. T.J. “Barto” Bowser and I are still discussing and collaborating the possibility. We at DDN will update you on any news and information about our possible attendance next year.

Article by: Tim "Gold Leader" Keegan