John Bishop had a revealing conversation on Twitter with Jon Kasdan, one of the writers of Solo: A Star Wars Story. It started out with a small Easter egg in the scene were Lando is voice-recording his memoirs. John asked the story-group if he heard Lando say "Chirrut," referencing Chirrut Imwe. Matt Martin told him that's incorrect; it was actually "Sharu," in reference to the Mindharp of Sharu; one of Lando's first - now Legends - novels.

  John Bishop reacted with disappointment: "Thanks. This #RogueOne hoped it was a #ChirrutImwe reference. Was holding out hope..." Then Jon Kasdan chimed in: "#RogueOne fan too. Hence critical appearance by Edrio "Two Tubes" who had dialogue which was ultimately cut. Wanted to establish the connection between Enfys and Saw, and the slowly developing rebellion across the galaxy."

  Besides being affiliated with Saw Guerrera in Rogue One, Edrio Two Tubes was supposed to be a character in the Enfys Nest gang, the Cloud-Riders. Unfortunately his lines were cut from the final edit, but there is still a chance we can see the scene on the Solo Blu-ray, when it comes out. But it's clear that the team is trying to make an effort to link all the movies, shows, books, comics and games together, to create a universe that lives and breathes more with each addition in it. Easter eggs and story-nuggets like this are incredibly fun to find, and make it so much more coherent than just a timeline with individual stories. 

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms