Kelly Marie Tran Deletes Social Media Following Fan Harassment

  The ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ star, Kelly Tran who portrays the new Resistance hero Rose Tico, has deleted all of her social media due to “fans” harassing her for the character she plays in the new Star Wars saga. After the new film by Rian Johnson was released, Kelly has been a victim to a lot of ridicule, bullying, and racism revolving around her characterization of Rose Tico. Many “vocal” fans are determined to mock Kelly for her looks, talent, ethnicity, and pretty much anything they can use against her while trolling her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

  The beautiful actress’ once vibrant and expressive social media accounts that used to share her love and excitement for being apart of the Star Wars franchise, are now barren with only a depressing picture of Tran and a single quote in her biography stating, “Afraid, but doing it anyway.”

  Before the start of filming The Last Jedi, Kelly Tran was tasked with playing the first female character of color to have a lead role in the film series. She did not take to the task lightly stating, “I am so proud that I get to be this person [who] is representing something for people that may have not seen themselves in a movie like this before. I would love for us to be having a different conversation, because I would love for so many Asian-Americans to be in every film franchise that it’s just normal. We’re still working towards that, so I’m excited to be part of that change.”

  Unfortunately, her positive attitude towards accepting the role and taking on the challenge of change has only led her to the unforgiving and harsh mouths of nasty, rude social media trollers. On behalf of all of us at the Dewback Discussion Network, we’d like to say, “May the force be with you Rose! Don’t let the wrong kind of Star Wars fans affect your work with episode IX.”

Article by: Tim “Gold Leader” Keegan