Shannon Lynn, the original actress who portrayed Mara Jade in all the Expanded Universe, was diagnosed with cancer and Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2013. Since then the cancer has been treated and is in remission, but the chemotherapy is taking its toll. She made a go-fund-me campaign to help out with her recovery costs, which is now just over $5,000 of $10,000 goal.

  "Dx'd with AS and cancer at the same time, Spring 2013. Cancer is in remission but the damage caused by radiation and chemo is ongoing. The Ankylosing Spondylitis is not responding to any medications or therapies. Insurance does not cover more homeopathic remedies. I've now found out that due to the radiation, I have severe osteoporosis in my back and hips, have already gone through menopause, all of my internal organs are basically attached to one another because of adhesions, my eyesight is failing, I have a very ill-functioning immune system and with each passing day, I step closer to a permanent seat in a wheelchair.I have lost all control of bowel and bladder, my SI stays “out” continuously, every step makes me cry. Even sleeping is near impossible but exhaustion is constant. I can no longer shower or go downstairs if I am home alone. I only drive to drs appointments. With three surgeries scheduled for this summer, I’m truly at a loss. I will never be able to work again and the strain of the bills and need for lifelong treatment is overwhelming. I pray constantly to not lose faith. And I am so grateful that people can find it in their hearts to help me any way that they can. God Bless and thank you for caring."

  For the last several years she has been the image of the LucasFilm, Ltd. character, Mara Jade, for Star Wars merchandise. At the time the original photos were taken in 1999 she was known as Shannon Baksa, from her first marriage in 1994. Before 1998, Mara Jade appeared only as an illustration, but after that, illustrations attempt to simulate McRandle's look. 

  Geeks + Gamers, Reviews4you, MadTalkTV, John talks Star Wars and other channels are donating their super-chats from numerous live-chats on Youtube to help her out. Funny how all these "toxic" people were so quick and eager to jump to her aid, but I have yet to see any Lucasfilm employee posting anything about this.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms