Good Morning America Host Gets Star Wars/Star Trek Mixed Up!

  This morning on Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos made a really funny mistake while introducing star Zachary Quinto. The introduction started with George saying, “Here now with Zachary Quinto, you know him as Spock from Star Wars…” Quinto immediately corrected George by saying, “Star Trek, George! Star Trek.”

  The audience burst into laughter and George immediately realized he shoved his foot in his mouth and stated while facepalming, “Oh my gosh! I am going to get so much hate mail on twitter.”

  Grasping for forgiveness and admitting his mistake, George pleaded with Quinto saying, “Can you absolve me right now?”

  Quinto returned with, “I’m out of this! I’m joking. Of course, of course. It’s an honest mistake.

  They immediately changed the subject and focused on Quinto’s new upcoming project, In Search Of. It is a documented series that will begin July 20th on the history channel. Quinto will host and executive produce the series revamp that was originally hosted by his Star Trek counterpart, the late Leonard Nimoy in the late 1970’s.

Article by: Tim “Gold Leader” Keegan