Star Wars Rebels Nominated For 3 Emmys

  This year for the 2018 Emmy Nominations, Star Wars Rebels is coming in as fast as lightspeed with 3 nominations! Last year, Rebels was a nominee for the “Outstanding Children’s Program Award.” So far Rebels has been the winner of the Saturn Award two years in a row for “Best Animated Series or Film on Television.”

  Star Wars Rebels was nominated, once again, for the “Outstanding Children’s Program Award” of 2018. The other nominees are A Series of Unfortunate Events, Alexa & Katie, Fuller House, and The Magical Wand Chase: A Sesame Street Special.

  The second nomination Rebels has received is for the “Outstanding Sound Editing For A Comedy or Drama Series (Half-hour) And Animation Award” for the episode “A World Between Worlds.” The other nominees for this award are Atlanta “Teddy Perkins,” Ballers “Bull Rush,” Barry “Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast, and Keep Going,” and Vice Principals “The Union of the Wizard and the Warrior.”

  Last, but not least, the third nomination Rebels has received this year is for the “Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score) Award” for the song “Family Reunion-And Farewell.” The other nominees are Game of Thrones “The Dragon and the Wolf,” Marvel’s Jessica Jones “AKA Playland,” Once Upon A Time “Leaving Storybrooke,” SEAL Team “Pattern of Life,” and Westworld “Akane No Mai.”

  Congratulations to the Star Wars Rebels cast and crew for all the hard work and dedication they put in to get nominated for such prestigious awards! Good luck and may the force be with you at the 2018 Emmy Award Ceremony.

Article by: Tim “Gold Leader” Keegan