Exploring The Plot Holes Of The Last Jedi

  There are many things people dislike about the Last Jedi, and most of the people discuss the characters. Whether or not you liked a character doesn't really affect the quality of the movie, at least not much. But what does affect it are the plot holes that we're just expected to accept.

  The movie starts out with the evacuation of the Rebel base. The Raddus is already up in orbit, when the First Order arrives. After just one jump they proclaim they're already running low on fuel. So they evacuated, but somehow forgot to fuel up their mothership? In the middle of a war, the first thing you do when you make it to your base is get your vehicles ready for departure. You don't look at your gas-meter and think, "I'm tired now, I'll just hit a gas station at the start of my next trip." Now, if this wouldn't affect the entire plot of the movie, I probably wouldn't have noticed how bad this is. Say, if they made it to Crait and then mentioned they couldn't get away because of the fuel. But the story is completely depending on the premise that the Raddus was running out of fuel.

  And the stupidity of this becomes even more apparent when you consider that hyperspace travel between worlds can take weeks, if they're far apart. From what we've seen so far in the new movies I suspect Disney completely overlooked this to begin with, but that's a story for another time. So the effective range that the Raddus had with its amount of fuel was minimal to begin with, even if they wouldn't have had the First Order on their tail. 

  And then there are all the other ships that get shot down in the chase. The Raddus is out of fuel, and can't escape. But all the other ships can. Even if they're being tracked, there are too many of them to follow all of them, so they could just jump in all different directions. 

  And then we get to the tracking device. The first time we see trackers being used is in A New Hope, when they put a tracker on the Millennium Falcon to follow them to Yavin. We see the Millennium Falcon jumping to hyperspace after shooting down a couple of TIE fighters. So tracking through hyperspace is not impossible, it was already done in the first movie. And more importantly: Leia was there, she was the one to point out that they were being tracked! Yet in The Last Jedi she says it's impossible to track through hyperspace?

  So with this in mind, seeing Finn and Rose correctly deduce that the First Order used new tech makes no sense at all. Finn might once have been the janitor in the room of that tech, but he didn't know exactly what it was or did, otherwise he would have warned the Resistance sooner. Considering the possibility of a spy would be more logical, which is what I thought the first time I saw the movie. Or maybe the First Order got a tracker on board one of the ships that was at Starkiller base. It may have been difficult to do this, but not impossible.

  One thing is for certain; they had absolutely no reason to assume they hadn't just put a tracker on a Resistance ship. It made absolutely no sense for them to go on the side-quest to Canto Bight.

  To clarify: I'm not saying the First Order using new tech is a plot-hole. I like how this was set-up in Rogue One with Jyn Erso, and it shows technological progress in the galaxy. But for the Alliance to assume there was new tech in play makes no sense at all when there is already known technology that does it.

  Calling a movie that relies on two gigantic plot holes "good" is mind blowing to me. But I'm open to accept arguments that I haven't considered yet, so if you can rationalise either plot hole I'm all ears. Please leave a comment as guest, and submitting an email address is optional. 

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms