Clone Wars Returns!!!!

  Yesterday, your very own Gold Leader willed an amazing birthday present into existence. July 19, is in fact, my birthday, and it just so happened to be the date for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars 10th anniversary celebration at San-Diego Comic-Con. The supervising director for Clone Wars, Dave Filoni, was in attendance as well as Athena Portillo (line producer), Ashley Eckstein (voice of Ahsoka Tano), Matt Lanter (voice of Anakin Skywalker), and Kevin Kiner (composer.)

  A panel was held and after all the jokes and stories Ratcliffe reminded Filoni he had a certain announcement to make. Filoni stated, “It’s an anniversary. Been 10 Years. And you guys deserve something for being so great. A present, if you will…” I told you guys it was my birthday present. Anyway, soon after Filoni’s statement, the lights dimmed and the trailer for the return of Clone Wars played above the panel guests. When it became clear during the trailer what the announcement actually was… there was an uproar from the crowd.

  In an interview with Dave Filoni and, Filoni was asked if he had ever thought this return would be possible? “That we’d get here?” Filoni responded with, “No. I didn’t, I really didn’t.” I don’t think anyone ever thought Clone Wars would return and finally give a proper ending to the war. also asked, “What can you say about the fans’ enthusiasm over the years and, really, their role in making this happen?” Filoni proudly stated, “Well, thankfully, their enthusiasm is relentless. Their love of these characters and stories hasn’t diminished. I actually think their voice has gotten louder as the years have gone by. It’s been very humbling to have their support and to have people continue to hashtag me, ‘#SaveTheCloneWars.’”

  Apparently, there wouldn’t have even been a trailer if it was for George Lucas. Filoni was asked by George, “What are we doing next week at Celebration?” Filoni replied with, “Oh, we’re not doing anything. We were told we’re not showing anything.” After that, George was a little appalled by Filoni’s statement so he made a call. During this call, he told someone that a trailer would be ready, and finished the call with asking to see the finished version on Monday.

  Thank you to all the fans that helped make this possible! And thank you Lucasfilms for being so loyal to the Star Wars fandom. May the force be with us all as we wait for the release of the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars season. We can now happily say #SaveTheCloneWars is now #TheCloneWarsSaved!

Article by: Tim “Gold Leader” Keegan