Mark Hamill Trolls Fans

  Wednesday July 18, Mark Hamill took to twitter and I’m pretty sure his inner Joker came out. He tweeted a picture of an empty cloak and stated, “Star Wars Episode IX director JJ Abrams casts Empty Robe in latest installment of much anticipated space-saga.” Fans joined in on the joke and some took it as an opportunity to voice their anticipations on Skywalker’s return.

  Many fans want to see Hamill return as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, either as a Force Ghost or himself. Yet, Hamill doesn’t care if he returns to play himself or not. After his co-stars, Harrison Ford died on the screen, and Carrie Fisher passed away in real life, Hamill told ABC News, “It really has tarnished my ability to enjoy it to its fullest.” Hamill also stated, “You just can’t get the band back together the way you wanted it to be, and it shouldn’t be that way.”

  All fans expected our favorite heroes to return on screen in epic and heroic ways. Solo returned and was killed by his son in the course of 45 minutes, Luke returned has a bitter and beaten old man who just wanted to end it all, and Leia, the leader of the Resistance, has had a fairly decent return but after Carrie Fisher’s unexpected death... Its going to be difficult to continue her story and it will be even more strenuous giving the princess a righteous end to her journey with Star Wars. Since the beginning, fans have agreed with Hamill that Disney hasn’t given much justice to the original trio. Hopefully, the third and final film will excite us enough to make up for all the disappointments.  Star Wars Episode IX will arrive at theaters on December 20th, 2019.

Article by: Tim “Gold Leader” Keegan