The Upbringing Of Ben Solo

  Ben Solo was born 5 ABY in Hanna city, on Chandrila to General Han Solo and Leia Organa. Born on the day the Galactic Concordance was signed. Leia noticed her unborn son was force-sensitive before birth, Just like her father Anakin Skywalker. Born to a smuggler and a senator, his childhood was riddled with inconsistencies. A father whose was prone to take extended trips to far-off places and a mother with diplomatic responsibilities to her planet and her people, he started feeling unwanted early in life. A restless baby, Han would often put him to sleep on his shoulder, in a attempt to have a fatherly bond with his son since he did not share a Force bond with him.

  With Han and Leia both often not around for his formative years, Ben tried everything he could to be like his father. Even honing his inherited piloting skills to match those of Han. He emulated his father at first. As the Force grew within him, they would often argue about his lineage not so subtly. Upon hearing his parents heated discussions about him, he began to feel unwanted, unloved, and a monster. His feelings of abandonment and neglect grew. Leaving him vulnerable to Dark Side influences.

  As his dysfunctional family disintegrated, he became obsessed with the Dark Side and their cause. His temper grew and he became known as a radicalist. Supreme Leader Snoke begins to target young Ben due to his home problems and rash temper. Ben becomes obsessed with his grandfather’s alter ego, Darth Vader and vows to finish what he started. With his son abusing his gift, Han takes Ben to his uncle, Luke Skywalker, for proper training to become a Jedi.

  While training under Luke, Ben begins to feel the strong pull to the Dark Side. With Snoke manipulating him, Luke sees his nephew turning from the light. Overcome with worry for his nephew’s future and everyone else’s, Luke makes a heavy decision to kill Ben to prevent him turning fully to the Dark Side. Armed with his lightsaber poised over a sleeping Ben, Luke fails to commit prolicide and kill his nephew, leaving Ben to feel betrayed by his uncle as well.

Article by: Kristina Wilson