Over the last couple weeks, some rumors have circulated that Billy Dee Williams will be returning to Episode IX. First it was revealed he was hiring a personal trainer and seeking a healthier diet, then Fantha Tracks added that two separate sources informed them that Williams would indeed return to the trilogy's conclusion. The next piece of news seems to point in that direction too.

  The original actor who played Lando has been appearing at several conventions over the last years, while it was already clear that he would not be featured in either Ep VII and VIII. Billy Dee was scheduled to make an appearance at the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo, Sept 15th + 16th, but he canceled because of a busy schedule. Although there is nothing that actually proves that he will be working on Star Wars, he has absolutely nothing else going on right now, and the timing falls in line with the early stages of Episode IX's production. 

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms