A Disastrous $275M Deal?

  Back in 2016, Disney made a deal that now seems to be disastrous for their future streaming  service. They sold the rights to broadcast Star Wars movies, and some of the Marvel movies, and now they can't get them back. Because of this deal, all Star Wars movies that have been released up to this date are in the hands of Turner Broadcasting until 2024, and they're not willing to part with their property before that time. 

  At that time it seemed like a pretty good deal, because Disney had no platform to stream these movies on. But as time passes, plans for that platform have taken shape, and Disney now realizes that they made a big mistake. Turner is more than happy with the deal, and is not willing to part ways with the Star Wars movies. So the streaming service Disney is launching this fall will not feature any of the Star Wars movies made so far.

  But as much as people like to blow this up and state that the streaming service will have nothing of value, that's completely false. Disney has an extensive library of content that they could still work with. Think DuckTales, Rescue Rangers, tons of other cartoons, all the Disney animated movies that at least all pre-millennials grew up with, Disney-Pixar movies that aren't (exclusively) owned by other companies, of course everything currently on Disney XD, and many more. 

  So okay, they miss out on the Star Wars saga. So what? If people want to watch these, they put in the DVD or Blu-Ray, because pretty much everyone owns these already. Are we honestly going to pretend like the entire Disney streaming service is dependent on these 10 movies?

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms