Episode 9 Wants & Predictions

Episode 9 Wants & Predictions

  Few films in the history of cinema have had as much riding on them as Star Wars Episode IX does. Unite the very polarized fandom, wrap up the Sequel Trilogy with a nice bow, do justice to the legacy of the returning characters, and many more tasks depending on the individual. BUT to do all these things one thing is necessary. One plot detail can bring this all to fruition. Reylo. I know, I know. If you don't like the sequels this is the worst thing to hear other than “Tico: A Canto Bight Story” but if Rey and Kylo Ren are given the chance to come together; so to can the fandom and the franchise's many facets.

  For those who desire “more original story telling that is respectful to the saga but push the envelope” Reylo is perfect for you. Look at each romantic “Star Wars” relationship. Love leads to disaster or at best puts a band-aid on it. If Rey is able to save Ben Solo’s soul and convinces him to hang up his helmet and reclaim his Jedi status to save the galaxy you have the ultimate amalgam of Luke’s relationship with Vader and Anakin & Padmé’s romance; forbidden love that transcends their stations and drives them to each other, but instead of a tragic fall from grace that ends in disaster he sees the light and pushes back against the darkness and refuses to allow evil to drag him down any longer. J.J. Abrahams was quoted as saying that IX will “tie together the whole saga”. I don't know a better way to do it than that.

  To bring these two together also serves a very important purpose to the franchise: Skywalker babies. If Ben is redeemed and he gets to spend his days with Rey, they can continue the (insert Snoke voice) mighty Skywalker bloodline. This opens the door to these characters being able to be revisited and for future stories. Rey being a Skywalker herself at this point is not a reasonable possibility and if this family is gonna stay alive, Ben and Rey need to get to work.

  In essence Reylo is the idea that the Light and Dark Side can stop fighting if the right individuals make it so. The “villain” doesn't need to die a heroic death to solidify their final moments as a good person. It's a message of hope. Hope that we can choose to be better. We all know The First Order will fall. If you ask me, Kylo will turn his back and the final battle will be fought “to save what we love, not destroy what we hate” because love is by far more powerful than any space station, Jedi Master, or Lord of the Sith. I can't end this by gushing over how beautiful the story could end so here goes my Episode IX prediction list:


  • Rey is a full fledged Jedi

  • The galaxy is under full First Order control

  • Rey is rebuilding the Jedi

  • Hux is plotting against Ren

  • Rey has a secret child (Ben’s)

  • Ben will turn back to the light

  • Force Ghost Luke will haunt Kylo

  • Rey will wield a saberstaff  

  • Best score of the trilogy

Here's hoping for the next great film and lets all remember to speculate responsibly.

Article by: Jarod “Dark Jedi” Baughman-Stubbs

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