Actor Cast In Episode IX Can’t Wait For Filming

  Lucasfilm recently announced the full casting list for Star Wars Episode IX. On this list, 61-year-old actor, Richard E. Grant, cannot stop smiling over this achievement and is excited to start filming.

  Grant’s story on how he stumbled into the casting list is very interesting. It all started with a ‘Generic Scene’ he taped himself. In an interview, Grant stated, “So, my agent calls me and says, ‘You know that thing you self-taped for a couple of months ago?’” Grant acknowledged, “Generic scene. ‘The director of this film, J.J. Abrams, would like you to come to Pinewood Studios for a meeting.’ To which I go, and imagine myself an hour later, prostrating myself in front of Nina Gold, the casting director who’s got me there in the first place. And J.J. said to me, during this meeting, ‘Do you want the part?’” The answer to that question is more than obvious and Grant concluded his interview with, “OK. I’m trying to be cool about this. I’ve been smiling ever since!”

  Grant is known for portraying the Marvel villain, Dr. Zander Rice, in the film Logan. It was Dr. Rice that was responsible for the creation of X-23. With this information, many fans are speculating what character Grant will portray in the new film. Some theories express that he may portray a younger Supreme Leader Snoke, or that he will be what many fans have been waiting to see on the big-screen… Grand Admiral Thrawn. Remember, these theories are not fact. It seems Grant will portray a new character. Star Wars Episode IX will hit theaters December 2019.

Article by: Tim "Gold Leader" Keegan

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