Photos Reveal Maul's Robot Legs & Ray Park Interview

  So Solo: A Star Wars Story came out earlier this year, it was jam packed full of fan service and lore. As we all know by now there was a surprise for us at the end of the film. The tattooed zabrak from Dathomir made his glorious live action return. The mere sight of him brought tears of wondrous joy to our eyes! With the upcoming home release of Solo: A Star Wars Story approaching, we have received a few images of Ray Park in his Maul costume with the robot legs! We first got to see Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace as the primary antagonist, but he was later cut in half by the great Obi-Wan Kenobi in the last act of the movie. If you watched the Clone Wars or Rebels animated series you will know that Maul made a return with some badass robot legs!

  I have come to find out that when Phil Lord and Chris Miller got fired, they hired Ron Howard and he called Ray Park about returning as Maul. “I found out last June/July when we were in Guatemala. I got the phone call from Lynne Hale from Lucasfilm. And it was really nice of her, because she said to me ‘Ray, we’re just calling to see if you would like to do it.’ And I went [inhales slowly] ‘Yeah. Do you want me on the plane now?’” Park filmed all of his scenes in October near the end of production of Solo.

  Ray Park was initially a choreographer in The Phantom Menace and had access to the script. It was definitely different this time because he only had to record a few speaking lines and “a couple of sheets of what was going on beforehand, and then what was happening, and it’s pretty cool, because Sam [Witwer] did the voice and it was a different process for me. It was hearing the voice and then acting as well, so I really enjoyed this experience.” Ray was very happy about his new lightsaber even though he only ignites it!

Article by: TJ "Barto" Bowser

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