Episode IX News Round Up

  The past week has been a big one for news and leaks out of the set of Episode IX! First and foremost, Matt Smith (Doctor Who, The Crown) and Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Lost) have joined the cast! Matt Smith is described as having a “key role”. Monaghan was rumored for a role as a Jedi in “The Force Awakens” but we have no details at this time as to his role for IX. In minor news Richard E. Grant in an interview confirmed that he will not be playing Thrawn in the upcoming film saying this when asked if he was playing the infamous Chiss, “I’m not playing the Star Wars character you just mentioned. I’m not allowed to tell you anything. Otherwise I would be fired. It’s a complete lockdown on any information whatsoever.”

  In less official (but equally exciting news) set photos courtesy of the folks from Making Star Wars. The first round shows us Finn, Poe, Chewbacca and Naomi Ackie’s character with a handful of extras standing on a grassy hill with horses that will altered in post prediction. The others show the Millennium Falcon parked in a wooded area. A close look at Poe’s costume will reveal that the person in the Falcon’s cockpit with John Boyega in the photo J.J. Abrahams tweeted out isn't Daisy Ridley as Rey as many have thought, but rather Oscar Issac as Poe.

Article by: Jarod “Dark Jedi” Baughman-Stubbs