Rian Johnson’s Trilogy Still Happening

  The widespread controversy following the release of The Last Jedi, has been followed up by tons of announcements confirming production of various Star Wars spinoff films. Including Rian Johnson getting to make his very own trilogy of the beloved series. Recent rumors have risen that he is no longer creating those films, but in true Rian Johnson style he quickly took to twitter to dismiss those claims. Rian confirmed in the tweet below that he in fact is still creating his movies.


  Funny enough another rumor popped up claiming LucasFilm got cold feet shortly after that post. But with that not being the case at all, Johnsons trilogy is still very much happening. He is pretty safe seeing that Bob Iger (Disney CEO) was a big fan of The Last Jedi. He is the one in fact that green-lit the production of these movies. There is no reason for anyone minus the group of angry twitter trolls to believe that Rian Johnson is on his way out the door. After the kinda poor performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story earlier this year Lucasfilm has confirmed that Rian’s movies are a priority for the studio. Also don’t forget about the David Benioff and D.B. Weiss movies that are also in production folks! With other unconfirmed films being in production like the rumored Obi-Wan and Boba Fett standalone films.

  Working on a film takes a lot of time and with Rian making a trilogy it's going to take even longer. So don’t be alarmed that there isn’t a lot of news coming out about these films. We won't see these movies for years to come anyway, which hopefully by then the toxic fans will have calmed down. I look forward to Rian’s movies with great optimism and patience.

Article by: TJ “El Barto” Bowser