Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets An Update To An Update

 So not so long ago we got a new update for Battlefront 2. It included two clone trooper skins, Naboo hangar map, permanent Ewok hunt, and a few tweaks to gameplay. We also got an new roadmap on the release of future DLC and updates. One of the clone trooper skins we got were the 41st Elite Corps, which were the clones that aided the Wookiee’s during the battle of Kashyyyk. The second one was 327th Star Corps, which were the clones that were led by Jedi General Aayla Secura.


Shortly after the release of the update, the community started to have a bit of backlash. The reasoning was that the 327th Star Corps skins that we received were not screen accurate. For Star Wars fans this is a big deal and apparently our voice was heard by the guys over at EA. Earlier this week we received a community transmission outlining the issues with the update and their resolution to those problems!

As you can see in the community transmission above they talk about altering the current 327th Star Corps clone trooper skin. They also go into detail about making sure future content drops will have screen accurate appearances! The next troopers we will be getting are the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps and the 104th “Wolf Pack” Battalion. We can expect them to arrive with September's update. They talk about altering those skins to make them accurate as well. Also General Grievous is mentioned and is slated to be included in the October update. At the end of the transmission they state they want the community to continue to provide feedback. I am very happy to see that EA is listening to the community!

Article by: TJ “Barto” Bowser