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Robert Pattinson As The Batman?

Robert Pattinson As The Batman?

There's no secret here that there has been an uproar about Pattinson as the new Batman. Literally anyone and everyone has heard the backlash from fans and casuals alike. If you haven't, you're probably living under a rock somewhere with no idea what social media is. Due to this uproar it has led me to paint a different kind of picture and potentially maybe even shed some light to you heathen's....maybe just maybe...Robert Pattinson isn't a bad casting choice as BATMAN?!?!

Shocking I know! It's easy to go back to his sparkling vampire teen heartthrob Edward Cullen days where he got his big break, but I'm here to tell you that there's more to this story, believe it or not, and who would have thought?!?! The "more" lies in his other films.

After the success of Twilight, Pattinson for many thought had become a type of enigma...someone who then fell off the face of the Earth for all intents and purposes but it was quite the opposite actually. Whereas, you saw him as someone who lost his step and fell out of Hollywood for what you may have thought was good reason, he was actually touching up his acting chops and doing it quite nicely I might add.

I know, hard to believe right? There are actually more movies than the Avengers, John Wick's, and Godzilla's of the world, but truth be told there's actually plenty more than your typical summer blockbusters and stuff your local theater will let on. There's also these types of movies called Indie Films, and it is something not only Pattinson dived into but dare I say flourished at?

In these Indie films, you'll notice how easily Pattinson can play a wide range of characters and change his natural accent into whatever character he's portraying seamlessly film to film and people are worried about him pulling off a Bruce Wayne/Batman? I gotta say, I think he's got it in the bag guys if all he has to do is pull off a rugged version of the "I'm Batman" voice. I'd like to see him put on a few pounds to fill out the bat suit a little bit better, but we've seen actors do this kind of thing countless times before. Who knows what route they'll take in this anyways with this being more focused on the detective side of the Batman story.

I also think it's very important to support this, because quite simply you've been wrong before. Michael Keaton wasn't wanted initially, Christian Bale wasn't wanted initially, and ohhhhh my Godddd, Heath Ledger was definitely not wanted initially! The 10 Things I hate about you guy to play Joker?!?! Nooooo!!! And we all know just how that turned out don't we. Now in saying all this could it still be bad you might ask? Of course it could! But what I'm saying is, believe it or not, this movie might just be in the right hands which may come as a surprise to some and who knows... maybe just maybe....this and the new Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie could kill with the box office/Fans/Critics and we could have an amazing Batman Joker duo in a future movie so fingers crossed guys because hating on it before you've even seen it quite frankly gets you nowhere.

Now, I'm not here to say go run out and hunt down every single last thing he's done or even necessarily change your opinion because we all got them. I am trying to persuade you to have more of an informed one at the very least, because I'd say it seems like a good 90 % of the people complaining about this move have literally only seen Twilight and potentially its sequels with an Ex GF they most likely hate now out of Pattinson's entire Filmography and making a judgement based on that is not only uneducated but also genuinely not fair to Pattinson.

I mean honestly guys, how did we get to a point where we go about judging a guys whole career off of his worst role? When did we start doing that? The sad truth is, if we did that with LITERALLY any actor we would not want them to be in anything! Except for your VERY few exceptions as actors, and I mean VERY few.

So today I would like to encourage all of the Robert Pattinson detractors out there to pick up a couple of Pattinson movies and actually see for yourself.

Maybe take your time to Rover over to "the Rover" Maybe be a citizen of "Cosmopolis" for a night and hell...maybe have a good time with "Good Time"

Watch how he bleeds so deep into each character that the name Edward Cullen doesn't even cross your mind.

Who knows you just might be surprised....

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