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Hellraiser Coming To TV?

Hellraiser Coming To TV?

Well here it is folks another Horror Fan Favorite is making it's way to the Small Screen and I gotta admit I might be more excited about this one than the other one.

The other one as most know, but if you don't is Child's Play which is being carried out by it's creator Don Manicini. In this case we get a new rendition of the Hellraiser saga brought to us by the Producer of "IT" and the Producer of Ready Player one, for that alone you can say this news has certainly peaked my interest.

Unlike Child's Play though we have something that I feel like can translate to the TV world a little bit better imo. As much as I love Chucky how deep can you really go with a Killer doll honestly? I think with a Hellraiser TV show we can really dive deeper into the Mythology of Hell and what the Cenobites truly are and I've seen tons of Child's Play over the years, even if this isn't the Remake on the big screen I was craving this is still something new I can sick my teeth into and I've been waiting to do that for quite some time now.

I honestly don't even consider Hellraiser the big Franchise that it is in terms of releases. In other big horror franchises I watch all the movies all the way through even the crappy ones included but not with Hellraiser. As far as I'm concerned Hellraiser is a trilogy and that's all it would ever be till now.

A Lot of what went on past the 3rd installment was not just bad but dare I say dreadfully boring. Alot of times it felt like we weren't even dealing with a Hellraiser movie we were dealing with some Detective movie with Pinhead lumped into it. It's been said so many times but that doesn't make it any less true. Judgement the latest one was ok but yet and still it felt like something was missing. Maybe it was Doug Bradley being out as Pinhead again but whatever it was it wasn't the Hellraiser I know and love.

Then there's the looming question could Doug Bradley return as Pinhead? I'm going to greet that question with a resounding no but a man can dream right? If they do in fact cast yet another random actor for Pinhead I would find it to be better suited in a show though and the reason why is if he's not unbearably bad, in the show it'll give me time to warm up to the new portrayal cause half of why I haven't liked the other portrayals to this point is for selfish reasons, when you grow up with Doug Bradley as your Pinhead and he's the driving force that makes the movies so good, sometimes it can be hard to let go and  detach yourself from that version of the character but deep down I know another actor can do it justice.

As far as how the show will look, it's a little too early to determine all that yet but credible sources have made mention of an anthology route that I wouldn't mind actually, quite simply because there's alot you can play with in the Hellraiser world/mythology and I'm a fan of Anthologies such as Creepshow and one of my favorite shows of all time Tales from the Crypt that played out much like a Horror Anthology show episode to episode. Hell, I'm one of the very few who liked the original gameplan of the Halloween Franchise where they planned on making it an Anthology but people acted like they were going to riot in the streets when they saw there would be no Michael Myers in Season of the Witch.

Now the verdict is out on this new incarnation of our favorite Cenobites but it at least feels fresh and gives me a feeling of hope for the Hellraiser Franchise after so many empty feeling/wasted opportunity filled Sequels.

So there you have it, the Horror nerd in me emphatically approves this news but we obviously won't know if it's the kind of quality Hellraiser material we've been starved for till it's arrived.

Hopefully it's not a dud and they have such sights to show us cause it's been a while since anything good came out of that portal from hell.

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