Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (Review)

Tarantino pumps out another long one with slow pacing and scenes that seem to go nowhere at a long nearly 3 hour clip and yet Tarantino somehow turns them into strengths whereas almost any other director would be staring down the scope of a terrible movie with those ingredients, but yet Tarantino is still turning water into wine and is not only beating the odds by churning out good movies with this style but great ones at that. 

Midsommar (Review)

So this will be a analysis/review for Midsommar, which I saw a week ago. I LOVED it. It's definitely one of my top horror films because it didn't feel like an actual horror film, although the genre itself seems to be shifting to something better and more psychological than we've been used to for the past 30 years and I love it for that.

Crawl (Review)

Crawl is the latest feature in our string of "Creature Feature" installments we've been getting each Summer the last few years and after the letdown that was "The Meg" I'm happy to say we're right back on track baby.

Midsommar (Review)

I thought that I would be confused on what side of the fence I would be on after leaving the theater and I was exactly right. One side of me is screaming masterpiece and the other side of me is confused on how I feel about all of the "out there" moments in the film, not confused in terms of it's themes and what it was going for, but just how I felt about the 2 and a half hour journey and all it entailed in terms of how it lined up with my tastes in Horror, or any movie for that matter…

Child’s Play (Review)

I was admittedly skeptical, they were finally remaking not just a movie but a franchise that is near and dear to my heart. I saw how they were doing away with the Charles Lee Ray portion of Child's Play and how it'll now be about Artificial Intelligence, I saw how the new look of Chucky was going to take a bit of getting used to and I very clearly saw that Don Mancini and Brad Douriff were still working on Child's Play heavily but….

A Look At The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones

So here we are...are you as beat up about it and as lost as I am? Perhaps feeling like it was all a dream and none of that actually happened? Well unfortunately we both have to face the truth...the best TV show of all time has came to a close children and for most it has came to a disappointing close sadly and as much as I wish I could say I wasn't in that camp who feel that way I sadly....am.... let's dive into some of my personal frustrations.