Fan Film - There Can Only Be Two (Review)

  Over the years the Sith Lords have survived by not taking more than one apprentice. In There Can Be Only Two a Sith Lord sets three students up against each other to weed out the strongest one.

  The story is delivered during and between fights. Conversations, memories and visions paint a decent picture of the backstories of the three. It's a pity there weren't any real introductions, that would have made it easier to get a connection with the trio. But the verbal exchanges are interesting and manage to get that result as well, albeit a little slower.

  The acting is adequate; not outstanding, but not terrible either, and the costumes and choreography are good. The red lightsabers have that unstable look like Kylo Ren's, which I love.
Even without a high budget they manage to show two really powerful Force moments. The first has yellow-lightsaber-guy disarm both the other guy and girl. The acting is pretty good, except for one split-second moment where the second guy looks a bit weird at his lightsaber. The other shows the same guy mind-controlling the other guy, which delivers really well with just red eyes and some overlays. Sometimes that's everything you really need.

  All in all a good fan film with a story that keeps my interest.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms