Fan Film - Days Past (Review)

  Stranger to hand-puppets, Star Wars is not. So when Days Past opens with a weird -in a cool way- puppet scavenging a desert it has my immediate attention. The creature with scales and fur actually looks like it belongs in Star Wars.

  Then we see a women working on a moisturizer, when some people show up with food. Then we are invited into the hut, and it is brought to life with several incredible ornaments. A trinket projecting a hologram, several wind chimes, a spot on R4 and all kind of projects scattered across the desert hut.

  I'm honestly quite distracted by all these novelties when an Imperial Lieutenant shows up. Thinking the background baubles were already outstanding I was pleasantly surprised when the entire conversation was even more intruiging. The dialogue has amazing tones and undertones, carried from friendly to suspicious to hostile by remarkable actors and writers. Although the lieutenant overuses his hand to emphasize his words, he carries himself with the air you'd expect of him, expressing his contempt for the rebellion and respect for his former commander in outstanding fasion.

  Side Project Studios manage to catch the essence of Star Wars besides the Force or Jedi in just 17 minutes. Everything is exactly right. This film is exceptional!

Article by: Joel “Mith” Joel