Fan Film - Jedi Code (Review)

  Short but strong, Jedi's Code tells the story of Kai Arclighter's confrontation with his Jedi past. Instead of a traditional opening crawl, it tells the brief introduction accompanied by some amazing paintings.

  Then it takes us to Kai coming back to the planet where his master was killed, and we see a couple flashbacks to his training and that moment. Back to the present, he encounters his nemesis. During the lightsaber fight we hear the Jedi's code for a second time, which was maybe a little overdone, but the fight itself is quite good. Except for the moment of the final lightsaber lock, where it seems like they don't really put all their strength into it. The visual Force push is a nice touch, which is a shame that it's not used in the movies. 

  The story isn't much special, but for a seven minute flick it isn't bad. The costumes and tone of the film are good, and the acting is outstanding. 

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms