Fan Film - Rebel Scum (Review)

  A crashed pilot on Hoth has to find his way back to the Rebel base in this short film Rebel Scum. The mostly silent movie is shot in the freezing Alberta (Canada) with temperatures as low as -30. And, just like in the Empire Strikes Back, they used stop-motion instead of CGI, for which I can't express my respect enough. The acting is excellent, and the music sets the exact right tone in every scene.

  Lost and cold, he's given up and he watches a holo of his family to remember them for the last time. Without words you see him saying goodbye to them. But then he spots a distant AT-AT. This motivates him again, and after a while he encounters a Stormtrooper who's also lost. The resulting skirmish is short, and when he has her disarmed he faces his choice between good and evil.

  Although I'm not entirely sure leaving someone wounded on Hoth is the paragon way, there's something to be said for giving her at least a chance to survive. Right when he is ready to give up again, he gets an idea. Switching his and the stormtrooper's armor, he can infiltrate the walker. Having a probe-droid kill the disguised Stormtrooper was a nice touch, and the final scene gives me a big smile on my face as he marches towards the enemy force.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms