Fan Film - The Revengant (Review)

  In the Revengant - I assume this is mistranslated from German- Kahl Altis has found a Sith Holocron-necklace and tries  to keep it out of the hands of Kylo Ren.
  The opening scene is amazing, the Star Destroyer slowly getting exposed out of the shadows of the moon is exquisite. Rogue One did it too, and it is an incredible shot because besides looking cool, it emphasizes the size of Star Destroyers.
  Then a New Order probe droid comes down on Kahl, which is also very well done. The scanning and the Star Wars font deliver this perfectly. When Kahl hits the droid and its lens is shattered, the shot gave me a kind of Black Mirror feel.
  In the chase the explosion is low-grade, but that's to be expected of fanfilms. After that he supposedly gets shot in the foot, because he starts limping after that, but the blaster seemed to go into the ground and he didn't really express being hit. A sound effect for the impact -I think they use some crungy sound in the movies- and him yelling would have delivered it better.
  When Aldara gets killed by Kylo, he sits well within range to be seen, so it is a bit weird that Kylo Ren doesn't engage him. The music is also a bit off when he crawl-chases Kylo. But the charged blaster bolt and the visual wrinkles indicating Force Speed are well done, telling exactly why Kylo can turn around in the last fraction of a second. I don't know why Kylo wants to strike the ground twice, but it fits his character.
  I didn't realize the necklace was the holocron because it's established lore that they're pyramide-shaped, so that made the ending a bit confusing. He had looked at it once but that was not enough for me to connect the dots.
Overall not top-tier, but enjoyable.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms