Fan Film - Hoshino (Review)

I just came across a short Star Wars fan film called Hoshino. The film portrays the training of a young Jedi, eager to get her hands on a lightsaber.
In just 7 minutes it gives a true Star Wars vibe, with great acting and special effects worthy of the high budget movies.

Hoshino's master Jaan-Xu tries to temper his student, and teach her some essential lessons about this weapon for more civilized times. And when she ignores his lessons, she learns the hard way that mistakes have consequences.
It's hard to not draw comparisons to the new Disney films, but suffice it to say this fan film embraces elements that are lacking in the rebooted franchise.

When she constructs her lightsaber without using her hands, as lore demands, I was completely captivated. I highly recommend this film for everyone. If you haven't seen it already, or want to refresh your memory, you can do that here.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms