Fan Film - Solo: A Smuggler's Trade (Review)

Fans have mixed feelings about Solo: A Star Wars Story. While the Kessel Run has a lot of people interested and everyone loves Donald Glover as Lando, people don't have a lot of confidence in Alden Ehrenreich's ability to accurately portray our favorite smuggler.

In the fan film Solo: A Smuggler's Trade, an unknown actor called Jamie Costa does a great job. It shows us the task is not impossible, and gives me a little hope for the upcoming origin story.

Most fanfilms center about Jedi, but this film is refreshing in it's approach on the underworld of the galaxy. A Smuggler's Trade doesn't just get Han right, it also features Chewbacca, some scoundrels including a Twi'lek, convincing sets and a unique soundtrack that fits right in. With 2 million views since it released last year, chances are good you've seen it already, but it's worth revisiting before May 25th.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms