Fan Film - Heir Of The Unknown World (Review)

Heir Of The Unknown World is remarkable in its simplicity, using low-quality props and only minor special effects. An Imperial Agent is on the hunt for Jedi artifacts, while a father with his daughter waits for the return of his wife.
The opening shot shows us that this tale takes place on an earth-like planet with two green moons, and I can't help but smile when the girl tends to the homemade droid prop in the next shot. The father and daughter take off to find food, and the two moons - or planet and one moon - are beautifully added to the sky. 
The skills and artistry of the editor really show when the father pulls on the rope of a trap, and it slides to another view on the planet from space. Apparently the mother, a Jedi, is held captive and interrogated by the Imperial agent.
Of course the father and daughter are found, and when he's stalled them and she runs away, we get good payoffs on things that were set up in the beginning. If you're like me and see the charm in self-made costumes and props, do yourself a favor and watch it.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms