Fan Film - Bad Pilots (Review)

If you liked Spaceballs you're in for a treat with the goofy fan parody Bad Pilots. It centers on three TIE fighter pilots who are really bad at what they do. It features good green screen, adequate special effects, but most importantly humor. 

When one of the pilots goes to Toshi station to pick up some powerconverters, things go sideways as he picks up a stowaway. The three pilots take it upon themselves to return the fugitive before the Stormtroopers get their hands on him.

McVader, Kashyyyk Furry Cookies, overblown Star Wars quotes; this spoof is on the top of bad jokes hill. The movie doesn't take much seriously, including themselves. There has been a significant lack of parodies over the last few years, so it's great to have one made by fans. Palpatime to watch this!

Review by: Joel "Mith" Storms