Fan Film - Liberation (Review)

  One of the best produced fanfilms I've seen so far, Liberation starts with an Imperial officer listing the crimes of a smuggler. This captain Hurada, in chains, doesn't seem impressed. He's then offered a deal, to smuggle some intel to a planet that the Empire has no control over.

  It's unfortunate that there are two major writing issues in this sequence; firstly he's offered money but is then told his crimes are too serious to be freed, secondly he's allowed to see the file of his wife, who's freedom he's negotiating for, in which he reads she's already killed... These weigh it down for me. Poor writing is always a little harder to be overlooked because the story doesn't deliver, in comparison to cheap special effects or props which serve their purpose.

  This film has great CGI, it absolutely shines in that area. Interesting to see a Stormtrooper be told to get it together, and then snap out of the mind control. This shows how subtle the power is, with more limits than it not working on strong-minded people. His lightsaber moves were not bad, but not outstanding, which makes the fight against stormtroopers just okay, but one being split in half was very well done. Then the escape from the Stardestroyer is another great scene. The speed, action and camera-angles are excellent.

  Two cuts in the dialogue would make this film a 9/10, but as it stands now I'd rate it a 7.

Review by: Joel "Mith" Storms