Collection of 7 Short Fan Films

  Jakku: First Wave is a three minute short of three Stormtroopers, right before they land on Jakku. The opening has a World War II movie feel, with a black screen and some background sounds, and text that sets the tone. Fade in; the three troopers in armor, helmets in hand. They tell each other why they joined, and it gives a real, personal insight to these troopers. The acting is great, and that's really all there is to this, but that's enough.

  Together is about an Imperial assault on a planet. It opens with the impressive sight of an Star Destroyer passing over, accompanied by the voice of a Stormtrooper commander. He and his platoon are getting shuttled to a planet, while he talks us through the grim reality of their situation. He introduces us to several members of his squad and tells us why they joined. They are forced to fight for a cause they don't believe in, knowing they won't make it out alive. And then he makes a choice. This short is sure to leave a lasting impression.

  Rookie Six takes us along a squad of Stormtroopers burdened with an annoying rookie. He's as green as they come, and his constant barrage of questions works on everyone's nerves. And when they reach their target, it turns out he lost the detonator they needed to take down a shield... I only wished it was longer.

  An Unexpected Ally shows us two scoundrels under arrest for intending to steal a shuttle. One tries in vain to talk them out of their death sentence, pleading that they never got to the shuttle and then boasting about his friends Jedi abilities. We then see a well thought out short story of the Force sensitive struggling to get results, and overcoming it because of the  memory he has of a Jedi Master Force pushing him through the air. To sum it up: great quality and a funny dialogue.

  Storm: A Star Wars Story is a fake trailer for a parody about Imperial Stormtrooper TK-422's romance with a Rodian. It has a couple great lines and some so terrible that they're funny, and it also features parodic quotes from the likes of Variety and Empire praising the movie. Absolutely hilarious.

  Fury of Maul is an April's Fools (damn them!) trailer of a Netflix show about Darth Maul. It also features Quinlan Vos and a Mandalorian. A couple quick shots, some lightsaber clashing, there's not much to tell besides it makes me yearn for this show.

  Odyssey: A Star Wars Story is a real trailer for an upcoming fanfilm. Some Rebel soldiers resting in a jungle and a big battle with Stormtroopers on a tropical beach set a very grim, intimate tone. From what we're shown it looks like it will be an amazing piece of work when it releases this summer. Keep it on your radar.

Article by: Joel “Mith” Storms