Fan Film - The Dark Resurgence (Review)

  The second 2018 fan film I saw and liked is The Dark Resurgence. After the Battle of Endor the Empire fell apart, but the Rebellion were unable to establish order and an old Sith Empire emerged from the shadows. They acquired some Imperial assets in the outer rim, and Darth Vycus lead the charge on the New Republic, but was ultimately defeated. While on the run, he contacts his master to call for reinforcements.

  His master gives us some clues to the current state of affairs. He prevents Vycus to return to Korriban, and tells him the council has decided to banish him. That's an interesting statement, opening possibilities for sequels. And damn I love Vycus' mask. When a scout approaches his location, Vycus realizes his master has turned on him and swears revenge. The crazy laugh of the master is overdone, but Vycus crushing the communicator was very well done.

  When the music from Duel of the Fates plays, I get a little weary. In my opinion that should be reserved for only the most epic battles. He blocks the first shots, and while they gave him a cool power that dissolves lasers, that doesn't yet qualify. Luckily they don't let it come to the crescendo of that song, so it's all good. When the Jedi, Raven, shows up they cue in the Revenge of the Sith score, and they actually deliver one hell of a fight. The choreography is outstanding, with good hits and blocks, and a couple of their own moves. Raven knows how to block Sith lightning, which is cool, and the fight is rounded off fantastically.

  The reinforcements, looking for the scout, are easily dealt with. Vycus toys a bit with the last one, who needs to work on her facial expressions, but then Raven manages to stab him and Vycus breaks his neck. His wound has left him defenseless though, and he is finished off by a blaster shot, which is an incredible insult for a Sith. A fantastic fan film.

Article by: Joel "Mith" Storms