Fan Film - Dawn Of Resistance (Review)

While being a sequel to the Secret in the Sand, Dawn of Resistance stands very well on its own. Because I like the quality of it a lot more than its prequel, I will only be doing a review for this. Nevertheless, should you want the complete story, check out Secret in the Sand first. 

  It starts out with an overview of the planet, of which the buildings are a bit too similar for my taste, but then we're on the streets that are beautifully ornamented with colorful holos. Then the Jawa getting zapped draws a chuckle. Again some shots of the streets, which are really a good depiction of a Star Wars planet, with aliens and humans walking through the various corridors. And then we get to the bar, which is done incredibly well. The music feels right, the aliens look good. The firefight is done well, but although I love the Wilhem scream, I feel it's misused on such a central occasion, if that makes sense. I like how Vader doesn't initially care for the report, but is convinced that it might be worth the Empire's effort to look into the situation.

  Then Boba Fett appears, and his march is excellent. He's got the walk just right; not too much, and not too little. Again great pick in music, and the fistbump with (admittedly overweight) Dengar is cool. I only have a small issue with him working so closely with a squad of Stormtroopers. The voices are clear enough to follow the conversations, which is done well because in many (fan)films they're too often so distorted that the words are hard to make out, even in the original movies.

  When Fett and the Stormtroopers get close to the rebels, R2 and 3PO appear to distract them, which is pretty funny. Again a nice firefight, which lasts a good while. Lucas manages to get away, and then meets what I assume to be an Inquisitor. This Kel Dor (name of his species, not individual) is a little hard to follow because of his voice distortion, although I admit I generally have more issues with that kind of thing than my friends. Their fight starts out a little weak, because I don't see why the Inquisitor would so easily throw away one of his saberstaffs, but their combat is good. The firefight also continues while the rebels try to get away. A very enjoyable movie.

Article by: Joel “Mith” Storms